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  • Klar, parat, power station: Alt du skal vide om en mobil strømforsyning
    April 29, 2024 Andreas Juhl

    Ready, ready, power station: Everything you need to know about a mobile power supply

    What is a power station ?

    A power station is essentially a large battery that you can use power from, so it is actually not much different to the power bank you have in your drawer that can charge the phone. A power station just has a much larger capacity and more output options, so you can use it for most things . They are designed to store a significant amount of electricity, and can therefore charge everything from your smartphone and laptop to coolers and the coffee machine, for example . Unlike regular power banks, which focus on being easy on the pocket, power stations balance between being efficient and transportable , making them an ideal solution for longer trips away from regular power room supply .

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  • Passer tagteltet på min bil?
    January 26, 2024 Andreas Juhl

    Does the roof tent fit my car?

    Guide to Roof Load Limits for Roof Tents Introduction to Roof Load Limits When planning offgrid travel and camping, understanding your vehicle's roof load limit is essential. The roof load limit ensures that you can enjoy nature without compromising your...

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