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Klar, parat, power station: Alt du skal vide om en mobil strømforsyning

Ready, ready, power station: Everything you need to know about a mobile power supply

In our world, mobility and accessibility are key words, so power stations are of course an unavoidable honest part of being an adventurer, digital nomad or just want security that you have a mobile power supply in case of power cuts. But what exactly is a power station, and how does it differ from the power bank you 're guaranteed to already have in your drawer? Here we take you through everything you need to know about power stations, so you can make the right choice for your needs .

What is a power station ?

A power station is essentially a large battery that you can use power from, so it is actually not much different to the power bank you have in your drawer that can charge the phone. A power station just has a much larger capacity and more output options, so you can use it for most things . They are designed to store a significant amount of electricity, and can therefore charge everything from your smartphone and laptop to coolers and the coffee machine, for example . Unlike regular power banks, which focus on being easy on the pocket, power stations balance between being efficient and transportable , making them an ideal solution for longer trips away from regular power room supply .

Advantages of a Power Station?

The main advantage of a power station is its versatility. With many options for output, including standard AC plug, USB-A, and USB-C, they ensure that you can keep a wide range of devices charged, no matter where you are. This makes them an indispensable companion on camping trips, in holiday homes without electricity or as part of an emergency preparedness at home . Our power stations are made in a robust design , which, together with a significant energy capacity, means that you can count on them in situations where reliable power is crucial .

How do you choose the right power station ?

When choosing a power station, there are several factors to consider:

  • Capacity and power: Choose a model that matches your power needs. Consider how many devices you need to charge and what their current consumption is. If you want to be able to pull a shot of espresso and have a cooler switched on for a long time, you need more power than if you just need to charge your phone and computer.
    See e.g. the information for our Bluetti AC200 MAX , where you get an idea of ​​what it can handle.

  • Mobility : Although power stations are somewhat larger than power banks, they still vary in size and weight. Therefore, consider whether your power station must be fixed in the basement as security for the home, or whether you must move it around a lot in a campervan, for example.

  • Output options: Make sure it has the appropriate ports and output levels for your devices. Once you have clarified what you will actually use your power station for, you can quickly check whether it has the outputs that suit your power plugs.
    You can also consider checking whether transportable solar cells can be connected, so that you can use more power with a clear conscience. Find all solar cells here: Bluetti solar cells

  • Price: If you are going to have the very large power stations, it is an investment. We also think gear is important and great to have, but consider whether you need the most advanced, and balance your needs with your budget - then you can always come back if you find out that more is needed equipment for.


As we have previously described, a power station is in principle a large battery in which a lot of energy is stored. Security should therefore always be a priority when you use and move your device around . Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions, avoid exposing your device to extreme temperatures, and make sure you store it in a safe, dry place. Regular maintenance will not only ensure safety , but also extend the life of your power station.

You will find all our power stations HERE .

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