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Does the roof tent fit my car?

Guide to Roof Load Limits for Roof Tents

Introduction to Roof Load Limits

When planning offgrid travel and camping, understanding your vehicle's roof load limit is essential. The roof load limit ensures that you can enjoy nature without compromising your safety and that of others.

Dynamic Roof Load Limit - When the Vehicle is in Motion

The dynamic roof load limit indicates the maximum weight your vehicle's roof can support while in motion. This limit is essential to avoid damage to the vehicle and to ensure optimal drivability. This weight limit can be found in the vehicle's owner's manual, via the manufacturer's website or on (see guide below)
It is important to stay within this limit to avoid overloading the roof of the vehicle while driving.

how to use to find the dynamic roof load limit:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your car in the search field at the top, select the model
  3. Choose the correct year for your car, often there are pictures to help
  4. Choose the engine size, this is not so important for the roof load though
  5. When the specifications appear, click 'more'
  6. Find the 'Weight' section and look for 'Max. roof load' This is the dynamic roof load limit.

This is a general guide and it may vary slightly depending on the car model and website layout.

Static Roof Load Limit - When the Vehicle is Stationary

The static roof load limit is the weight your vehicle's roof can support when stationary. This is particularly relevant when you use roof tents for camping. This limit is often higher than the dynamic one, as the vehicle does not have to handle the same movement forces.
As a rule of thumb, the static roof load limit is approx. 5x higher than the Dynamic Roof Load Limit, so if the Dynamic Roof Load Limit is 50kg the Static will be 250kg.
It is essential to know this limit to ensure that the weight of your roof tent and its occupants does not exceed the vehicle's capacity.

The Importance of Adhering to These Limits

Compliance with both the dynamic and static roof load limits is not only a matter of legal compliance, but also an important safety measure. Overloading can lead to serious accidents and damage your vehicle.


For offgrid adventurers, knowing and adhering to the vehicle's roof load limits is essential for a safe and comfortable journey. It ensures that you can enjoy the beauty of nature without worry.

If you have any questions or are in doubt about something, please contact us :)

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